Improve Results of Cataract Surgery


Eye Hydration Contributes to Improved Ocular Surgery Outcomes

Untreated dry eye disease (DED) and/or ocular surface disease (OSD) can significantly impact visual outcomes after laser vision correction, such as cataract and LASIK surgery. According to Eric Donnenfeld, MD individuals older than 70 years have an almost 100% chance of having meibomian gland disease, and many also have aqueous deficiency dry eye. If you are one of the over 200,000 individuals in the US affected each year by cataracts be sure you talk to your doctor about your dry, irritated itchy eyes before you have a surgical procedure.

Dry Eye Symptoms and Cataract Patients

More than 80% of cataract-age individuals also suffer from the symptoms of dry eye disease. Dry eye is the result of the destabilization of the tear film layer and results in dry, itchy, red eyes. If you have noticed your eyes feel like they are dry or burning, talk to your eye care professional about the severity of these symptoms. Dry eye occurs in four stages and will progressively worsen in left untreated. A dry ocular surface can adversely affect the results of your cataract surgery and increase the time of your recovery.

Preoperative Ocular Surface Health Affects Results

Before surgery you will be tested to determine what type of lens will best suit your needs. If you suffer from dry eyes or other ocular surface diseases, your presurgical results may result in a poor lens selection, resulting in poor surgical results. Ophthalmic professionals agree that preoperative ocular surface health has a significant impact on the results of cataract surgery.. Many encourage the use of a warm eye compress, like the Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress, be incorporated into your daily routine to treat dry eye symptoms and improve ocular surface health prior to cataract surgery.

Hydrate Eyes and Improve Ocular Surface Health

The Bruder Moist Heat Dry Eye Compress provides a simple, at-home solution for individuals dry eye symptoms. Simply heat the eye compress in the microwave for 20 seconds and enjoy 10 minutes of soothing hydration and relief. The patented MediBeads inside the Bruder Moist Heat Dry Eye Compress capture water molecules from the air and release them as moist heat. The relaxing warmth from the eye mask stimulates the release of natural and healthy lipid oils, hydrating eyes and naturally restoring the stability of your tear film layer. Use the Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress per your doctor’s recommendation to achieve optimal ocular surface health prior to cataract surgery to improve your surgical outcome.

Maintain Healthy Eyes After Your Operation

In the months after your cataract surgery, continue your eye hydration routine with the moist heat eye compress as recommended by your doctor. This will  improve the recovery process and help to prevent dry eye symptoms from worsening.